We Make Thing With Love

Design Process


The journey begins with an initial consultation with Nina. At this stage some girls just want to try some styles, some want a dress designed others just want an informal chat. But once the design process has begun the girls will visit the shop at various stages.

Some know exactly what they want and have tried on styles and designs and are after different parts of dresses that they have seen. Others have fallen in love with a design that just needs adapting some clients know the look they are after i.e. vintage, simple, or llightweight for a beach but need guidance with their silhouette. We also find many need advice from the start to what suits them, all ideas are sketched out initially.


Once the silhouette has been decided. i.e. Fishtail A-line bodice gradual A- line. Strapless etc. we look at fabrics and work out how you want it to move. From very soft to very stiff and the degree of shine or Matt finishes, and then the colours. finally how much derail to add.
Often this is a stage which evolves as the dress develops and we play around with lace appliqués and beads.
-depending on your shape and size we will advise you on all these areas, as petite girls will need a small delicate lace or appliqué, and heavier frames look fantastic in big bold details.
Feel free to come and browse through our huge collection of laces and appliqué for inspiration, and remember having a dress made is a one off!

Options are endless and it is our job to point you in the right direction and build up your confidence
Once all these options have been looked at Nina will sketch up the ideas and the design process is well on its way. Once you have said “yes to the dress” we take your measurements, and remember they don’t have to stay the same! We then book you in for the toile.


The toile is the first practice or mock up so you can see the shape and visualise the design better, it’s made from calico and is done to just below the hip, it will look at neckline height, panel positions and rouching details, then from this it will give us enough information to cut the dress out.


The dresses are cut from patterns individually made to each body shape , which is important especially in the bust area, as most off the peg dresses are a b-cup the cup size is carefully incorporated into the pattern to ensure perfect fit and support.


As our seamstresses have 45 years experience between them the dresses are in good hands, and often Nina works on the dresses herself.


We cut the base dress out using the fabrics chosen and start the fitting ! This is a process which sometimes is perfect first time or needs taking in for the desired look .
The beauty of having a dress made is that you don’t have to make all the decisions at once
We build the house then decorate it

You are so involved in every stage that it never goes wrong ,
Depending on time some girls want to do a small decision every time they see it or a lot at a fitting .we don’t specify the number of fitting you can have . Some take 4 some 10


With all our appliqué and motifs and beading to choose from this is built up to finish off the final details. When hair pieces are selected, we have a selection of hair pieces to pick from or you can bring your own or have one custom made to match your dress.

Most of our clients tell us that the whole process was a lot easier than they thought and much more reasonable cost wise!  We try to keep costings in line with off the peg dresses. So there’s no reason not to look at this option when thinking about your dress.