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Choosing your dress

Your perfect handmade dress
Here at Nina Furness Couture the sky is the limit for your wedding dress we are passionate about working with you to give you the dress you want.

We know picking a dress can be a scary and daunting task, but we are here to guide you all the way and take the stress out of finding your dress.

Once you have had a consultation , and sketch done, you are welcome to visit the studio as many times as you like, without feeling obliged to go ahead.

There are lots of reasons why girls choose to have a dress made. Sometimes because their silhouette suits the top of one dress and bottom of another style, or they love the style but are not keen on the fabric or beading deail

Often it can be because they are a combination size or petit and taking the length away from a dress can throw all the proportions out, (this is why you should never try your dress whist standing on a box, it won’t give you a true idea of proportions).

Sometimes our girls have had an idea for their dress for years, and it needs interpreting into a dress that suits and works with their body shape.

our dress could be based on a fifties theme, vintage, or even 18th century – always designed to suit you and the occasion.The beauty of today’s trends is that pretty much anything goes and finding the right dress that is different is never an impossible task.

Once our girls have been to see us they do see the experience in a different way, so rather than focusing on the whole dress, we help them pick on parts which they really want, rather than settling on a dress that ticks most of the boxes.

Many Girls think having a couture dress made, will be out of their price range.      But here at Nina Furness Couture the average dress is around £950 still allowing you to have silk.

Start your dress today
We find a lot of our girls say they don’t know what they want, but after a consultation we find they do really it just needs talking through, for example going with similar necklines that you are familiar with is always a good start. So for a no obligation costing, make an appointment and see where your inspiration takes you.
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